“A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with bricks others have thrown at her ”

— David Brinkley

Everyone has goals in life and as a woman, fulfilling your dreams in a society where much is bestowed on you becomes challenging. Women face very many challenges (family or career-wise) and have a lot of responsibilities that sometimes curtail your progress. Having a strong support system from other women can go a long way in helping you maximize on your potential as you achieve your dreams. This is key as you seek to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Founded by Real Estate Agent Coach Ella” Blaine, Real Estate Ladies Rock is a ladies group with 20,000+ members founded on transformative women empowerment. The network is made up of Tenacious, Determined, and Compassionate thinkers and doers who persevere despite the challenges they face. It is a platform where women in the Industry can openly share what works, and what doesn’t, Challenges, & Successes. The members also pass on referrals, tips, opportunities and anything that can impact their lives positively.

Coach Ella’s passion, dedication and commitment to the Real Estate Industry is exceptional. Furthermore, Coach Ella trains agents to ensure she shares her knowledge and expertise with others. Her motto is: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” “Helen Keller” There’s nothing more powerful than a determined woman… now imagine a Real Estate Lady that ROCKS. This is a clear indication of her passion about women empowerment. Real Estate Ladies live a meaningful life by walking a journey of personal development and improvement

Besides, her success is a true testament that if you work hard and believe it’s possible, you will have unlimited opportunities in your business and personal life. Not even the sky will limit your potential. Coach Ella’s Mission: “No Agents Left Behind” shows her self-less commitment to inspire and nurture other women in the industry. It is all about bringing the Real Estate Agents back into the Community.

The ladies hold each other’s hand. They have a positive mind-set, are supportive and willing to inspire, motivate, and encourage one other. Together they unite in a safe haven and share ideas and challenges. They are here to help one another to work towards a balance between personal and business life. Furthermore, we are committed to providing value to our members, clients and individual customers who rely on us for leadership or support. We are knowledgeable and passionate about what makes each of our brands unique and powerful, and we are committed to finding innovative ways to fuel our members’ growth. We create value for all segments of the real estate industry by faithfully focusing on service excellence and quality.

Don’t suffer in silence while you can live a fulfilling life. Invest in your personal growth, development and self-satisfaction as you achieve your dreams. Join us today and be part of the Real Estate Ladies community.